2022 Cubs Heroes and Goats: Game 73

When I thought I was free, they drag me right back in! I was sixteen when that phrase became well-known

I won't lie; I'm not a big Godfather fan. Before I looked it up, I couldn't even tell you which movie it was from.

. Even while I was quite certain it was a phrase by Al Pacino, I wasn't certain it came from a Godfather movie.

This obsession with fans is terrible. However, there was 1984, 1989, the 2008 Cubs, and then 2015

. And then came 2016! And then it became a little bit more frustrating with each passing year

. I omitted 2003. Perhaps 1969 or 1984 was "the year" for some of you (or both). But

. Maybe for you it was 70 wins or 75 wins or you just really hoped things would click and maybe they can make 80