A chess robot broke a 7-year-old boy's finger at a Russian tournament

Chess is played by robots during the Innorobo 2014 exhibition in Lyon, France. different from the one in Moscow.

Last week in Moscow, a Russian robot grabbed and fractured his 7-year-old opponent's finger.

The boy is shown in a video posted by the Russian news site Baza struggling to release himself from the robot.

According to a representative, the youngster "violated" safety regulations, which led to the event.

During a competition in Moscow, Russia, last week, a chess robot reportedly broke a boy's finger.

On July 19, the kid was competing against the robot at the Moscow Open competition.

The child leaned across the board to make his own move as the machine finished making its move.

Naturally, this is horrible because the robot broke the child's finger," Lazarev told Tass.