Abby Steiner is a famous Athlete, Master Runner and Sprinter

who now plans to compete in the future Olympics and has an estimated wealth of $800,000.

She is doing everything she can to get ready for the Olympics

Abby is the second-best sprinter in the world and a national champion.

Master racer and sprinter Abby Steiner was born on November 24, 1999.

In November 2022, she will turn the age of 22.

David Steiner and Mollie Steiner, who are of American ethnicity, gave birth to her.

Being a professional sprinter and runner, Abby Steiner has successfully accrued a net worth of $800,000

She also receives income from sponsorship, paid advertising, and endorsements.

Abby Steiner is reportedly single right now. She hasn't disclosed any details about her personal life or relationship.

When she competed in the 100 meters in the Florida Relays, she set a new personal best time of 11.10. This athlete hadn’t raced in three years

but she became the fourth-fastest woman in UKTF history when she took part in this event.

She also makes money through endorsements, paid marketing, and  sponsorship because of her fame as a sprinter and the numerous trophies

She has two siblings: Riley and Jack Steiner. Nothing much is known about her childhood life.