dennis rodman net worth

American former professional basketball player, actor, and political envoy Dennis Rodman

who has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Dennis earned $27 million in compensation throughout the course of his NBA career.

which, after accounting for inflation, equals almost $43 million today

His highest earning year was 1996–1997, when he brought in $9 million.

Dennis Rodman was born in Trenton, New Jersey, on May 13, 1961.

Additionally, he went on the ABC programme Celebrity Mole, where he took home the $222,000 top prize.

Remember that during his NBA career, Rodman earned a salary of little about $27 million.

Rodman received a $200,000 fine AND an 11-game suspension after kicking a referee in the crotch in 1997.

the star earned $43 million dollars. This is significantly higher than his net worth today.

In 1997, Rodman was given a $200,000 dollar fine for kicking a referee in the groin.

He recently spoke on his past in a piece by The Sports Rush stating “My parents were selling cocaine every day.”