derek jeter net worth

Derek Jeter is an American former professional baseball  shortstop, businessman, and baseball executive who has a net worth of  $220 million

Well, some of you may know Derek Jeter as Captain Clutch or Mr. November

As we have already mentioned, the net worth of Derek Jeter is around $220 million

It is believed that he earned around $265 million playing baseball during his career

Apart from this, he got about 150 million dollars even after doing the endorsement

He is counted among the most favorite and highest-paid players in  baseball history. Around 2000 he was earning around $5 million per  season

by 2005 he was earning $10 million per season, and by the end of his career

it is believed that he was earning around $25 million per season.

The house he lives in is estimated to be worth around $25 million. This was about Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter was born on 26 June 1974 in New Jersey.