Draymond Green says the 2017 Warriors would beat Michael Jordan's 1998 Bulls

It's officially the NBA offseason once the generational comparisons begin!

While watching the 1998 NBA Finals between the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz on Sunday night

Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green posted to Twitter that his team "would've destroyed these Bulls by a dub

As I watch the Finals between the 98 Bulls and Utah, If they were to play this style of basketball

our 2017 squad would have defeated the Bulls by a single point and the Jazz by 40.

While the 1996 team won a then-record 72 games before winning the title, the 1998 Bulls team won 62 games on their way to winning the Larry O'Brien trophy.

As a result, Green ranked the 2017 Warriors team—which included the addition of Kevin Durant—as the best.