Elina Svitolina hits out at WTA, ITF over lack of support to Ukraine

Elina Svitolina acknowledges that the WTA and ITF might have done more to support Ukrainian athletes while also thanking Wimbledon for their stand against Russia

The WTA, ATP, and ITF declared in early March that they did not support Russia's actions in Ukraine but nevertheless permitted Russian athletes to participate in international competitions.

We've been having roundtable discussions with the WTA, the International Tennis Federation

and Grand Slam events about the assistance we need, but all the Ukrainians have chosen to go their separate ways, Svitolina said to The Telegraph.

However, I have a great deal of respect for Wimbledon and want to thank them as well as Ukraine for making players feel supported.

Ukrainian players originally refrained from criticising Russian players after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Tennis players practise in Europe and the United States and essentially live outside of Russia.

Many players didn't even approach us to inquire about how our family was faring

It led to tension "Added Svitolina. Svitolina declared an indefinite tennis hiatus following Miami.