How to Watch the WNBA 2022

The majority of WNBA games that are broadcast nationally will air on a combination of ESPN and CBS Sports networks

but to watch both in-market and out-of-market games, you'll need a more extensive TV package.

The greatest overall TV service for watching professional women's basketball is YouTube TV ($64.99 per month).

Every national WNBA station is available on the live TV streaming service for a modest monthly fee

With YouTube TV, you won't be able to watch every WNBA game, but if you also subscribe to the standalone WNBA League Pass ($24.99 annually), you'll have full out-of-market access.

Let's first look at each channel you'll need to view WNBA games before we delve into further detail.

The television networks required to watch WNBA games

158 regular season WNBA games will show on national television for the 2022 season

to watch the majority of these broadcasts live, you'll need the following six channels.

ABC (9 games)       ESPN (5 games)      ESPN2 (10 games)      CBS (2 games)      CBS Sports Network (38 games)      NBA TV (46 games)

During the WNBA regular season, in addition to the stations mentioned above, some games will also be broadcast on Twitter, Facebook Watch, and Amazon Prime Video ($8.99 per month).

All 16 games that are available to view on Prime Video are considered national broadcasts.