Kanye West Tweet Taken Down for Violating Twitter Rules

On the same day that Meta told The Hollywood Reporter that Kanye "Ye" West's Instagram account had been limited for breaking the platform's rules, Twitter removed one of his tweets for doing so.

On Saturday night, West declared in a tweet that he would "go death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE."

The ironic part is that I can't possibly be anti-Semitic since Jews are also black people, and you guys have tried to blackball everybody who disagrees with your ideology.

The tweet vanishes from the rapper's Twitter after an hour and tens of thousands of engagements.

where he very instantly criticised Mark Zuckerberg of Meta, asking, "How you going to take me off Instagram

The rapper uploaded a purported exchange with Diddy on Instagram, which led to the restriction of his Instagram account.

On October 7, West sent his first tweet since 2020, a picture of a black cap that read "2024" in a warehouse.