Knicks to offer Jalen Brunson $110 million deal

Two veteran players were reportedly dealt by the New York Knicks on Tuesday

Tuesday as part of their rumoured pursuit of guard Jalen Brunson, a free agency.

According to numerous media reports, the Detroit Pistons are trading centre Nerlens Noel and guard Alec Burks to New York for cash

two second-round picks in the future, and two players

. The only benefit to the Knicks would be the freeing up of salary-cap space as they get ready to pursue Brunson.

According to ESPN, the Knicks may now make Brunson an offer of up to $110 million.

According to, Noel will get $9.24 million in the 2022–23 season,

while Burks will earn $10.49 million. Both players' contracts include team options for 2023–2024.