LIV Golf Reveals How Much Money It Offered Tiger Woods

During the pro-am before the LIV Golf Invitational, a flag with the LIV Golf emblem can be seen in detail.

Numerous PGA Tour players have agreed to take hefty payoffs to sign with LIV Golf.

Greg Norman revealed to The Washington Post two months ago that Tiger turned down a "mind-blowingly big" offer from LIV Golf.

Recently, the CEO made clear how significant that proposition was.

Sam Stein of Politico said that Norman said LIV Golf proposed to pay Woods somewhere between $700 million and $800 million.

who hasn't won a major in the previous 14 years. The 46-year-old withdrew early from the PGA Championship owing to physical problems and missed the cut at The Open Championship.

Jack Nicklaus said he rejected an offer north of $100 million to serve a leadership role in line with what LIV Golf later gave Norman.

Several sources from the UK claim that Phil Mickelson earned a signing bonus of $200 million and Dustin Johnson received a signing bonus of $150 million

Each tournament features 48-man fields that play 54 holes without a cut and award $25 million in prize money

For the next season, Norman announced a 14-tournament programme.

Tiger is an expert at moving needles, and of course you have to look at the best of the best," Norman remarked. They had contacted Tiger prior to my appointment as CEO, so

I don't really care, Norman said. "I really adore the game so much, and I want to see golf develop, and we at LIV view it as a chance not just for men but also for women."