Marlon Vera ‘1000 percent’ respects Dominick Cruz, but stands by comments on his style:

Vera defeated Cruz in the fourth round of the UFC San Diego main event last Saturday.

Following the fight, "Chito" declared Cruz's style to be "extremely low level" and "not the best style for MMA

which infuriated several people who believed Vera was intentionally rubbing salt in the wound of his defeated opponent. But he didn't mean to do it.

I have the utmost respect for him and what he accomplished, Vera added. He made bantamweight cool, I said at the press conference.

When he was the champion and competing against others, he was going up against respectable men.

Cruz, a forerunner in MMA, became the first UFC bantamweight champion in 2013 after the organisation absorbed the WEC.

Ultimately it was Vera who got his hand raised though, after landing a vicious head kick in the fourth round that put Cruz out