McMahon Agreed to Pay $12 Million to Hush Sexual Misconduct Claims

There are descriptions of sexual assault in this narrative. If you or a loved one has experienced sexual assault,

In the previous 16 years, Vince McMahon, the now-former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment,

reportedly paid more than $12 million to settle charges of sexual misconduct and adultery.

After entering into agreements with the 76-year-old, four former female WWE employees who received the cash are unable to discuss their relationships with him.

Prior to the report's release on Friday, three of the incidents involving McMahon's charges were unknown to the general public.

According to the story, she and her lawyer approached the CEO in 2018 and struck a deal for $7.5 million in exchange for her silence regarding the incident.

McMahon with the business and said that he harassed her sexually at work. In 2008, she and McMahon also agreed to a nondisclosure agreement and a $1 million payment.

After working with him for 10 years, a former manager said that McMahon asked her out on a date

They settled on a $1 million payment in 2006 in exchange for her silence.