Michelle Jenneke net worth

Michelle Jenneke (also known as Michelle) was born in Kenthurst, New South Wales, on June 23, 1993.

With the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, the 2011 Australian Championships,

and the 2012 World Junior Championships, she amassed a $3 million fortune.

She is currently 29 years old and has the sign of Cancer.

Australian hurdler and model Michelle Jenneke hails from Kenthurst, New South Wales.

Michelle Jenneke is a successful model and athlete who has amassed fame and fortune throughout her career

Being an athlete is both a tough and fulfilling career. Consequently, Michelle's current net worth is $3 million.

After hitting 20 million videos on her viral pregame dance video, the number of opportunities was dropped on her way.

Jenneke is currently a well-known athlete and model who has made a lot of friends and admirers.

Being an athlete is both a tough and fulfilling career.

Michelle also earns additional money via brand partnerships, endorsements, and other ventures.

However, as of right moment, the public cannot see all of those earnings or salaries. Therefore, we cannot be quite certain of her total income.