Mike Tyson Net Worth

. Mike Tyson has a $10 million net worth as of this writing.

The undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in the late 1980s was retired American boxer Mike Tyson

At age 20, he was the most recent champion in history. Unfortunately, he lost or was defrauded of a personal wealth that at its height exceeded $300 million.

In 2003, Mike filed for bankruptcy. He was reportedly $23 million in debt at that time, per the bankruptcy filing.

Mike Tyson made at least $430 million in purses and sponsorships throughout the course of his career

or almost $700 million when inflation is taken into account.

Mike agreed to a $27 million, eight-fight deal with HBO in 1987. The deal continued until his matchup with Alex Stewart.

Following that, he agreed to a long-term $120 million deal with Showtime that covered a number of fights, including Holyfield I and II.

Mike made at least $430 million in his career via fights and endorsements. That is equivalent to almost $700 million in today's money.

By FAR, the $103 million he made during his bout with Lennox Lewis in 2002 was his biggest paycheck

A pay-per-view incentive made up about $75 million of the $103 million total.

The two reportedly struck a deal with a sponsor who ponied up $50  million to put on the fight. Of that $50 million, each fighter could  earn as much as $10 million if all Pay-Per-View milestones are met

His tigers cost $70,000 a pop and were housed in a custom-built habitat  in his backyard. Mike kept an animal trainer on staff at a cost of  $125,000 per year.

guerrilla warfare" at press conferences. For his services, this person was paid $300,000 per year.

Mike has owned well over 100 cars during his lifetime. Some were  extremely valuable and rare. He owned a Bentley that was one of 73 total  produced and cost $500,000.