nick saban net worth

Head coach of American college football Nick Saban has a $60 million fortune.

His annual income, including basic pay and bonuses, exceeds $10 million.

Saban extended his employment with Alabama in June 2014, keeping him there until 2022.

The modified contract had a total value of $55.2 million.

$23 million will still be owed by Alabama. Over those eight seasons, his base pay averaged $6.9 million, a significant rise from his prior income of $5.6 million annually.

He received bonuses and a salary of $11.5 million in 2017.

Nick agreed to a new, $70.6 million, 8-year deal with Alabama in June 2021. His new contract pays him a $8.8 million basic salary.

In 2013, Saban sold his 8,700-square-foot property to the Crimson Tide Foundation for $3.1 million