Paige Spiranac hated Logan Paul for a couple of good reasons

Her attractiveness is quite helpful, especially after she was crowned the most beautiful woman in the world by Maxim

Paige, though, has a variety of viewpoints on subjects in which people actually have an interest.

She is a knowledgeable sports fan who occasionally also has an opinion on any given subject

This time, she wanted to share her opinion about the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul that took place back in June 2021

On her Apple Podcast, Paige discusses a variety of sports-related subjects; this was a subject in one of her episodes from 2020.

It's absurd to think that someone with a large social media or YouTube following could accomplish this

The fact that people are talking about this just goes to demonstrate how powerful the youthful demographic is that everyone is currently aiming to attract

But when Paige remembered Logan Paul's most repugnant YouTube clip, things really got interesting "I advised being cautious with the stuff you publish if you have a sizable following among younger viewers.