Phil Mickelson net worth

American professional golfer Phil Mickelson has a $300 million fortune.

Phil Mickelson has made almost $800 million in his career

He has made between $80 and $100 million in various years

He has made between $40 and $50 million in more recent years, with the vast majority of those earnings coming from endorsements.

$50 million a year is Phil Mickelson's salary.

He has made more over $100 million only from tournament winnings as of this writing. That is only surpassed by Tiger Woods.

On June 16, 1970, Philip Alfred Mickelson was born in San Diego, California.

Phil Mickelson has won more than $100 million in tournament prizes over the course of his career.

His lifetime earnings as of this writing exceed $1 billion.

That includes the $200 million he received in June 2022 from the LIV league, supported by Saudi Arabia, which is covered in the sentence after this one.

He makes between $40 and $50 million year, with $10 million coming from salary

and tournament winnings and an astounding additional $50 million coming from endorsements