Terrell Owens Net Worth

Terrell Owens Net Worth: $500 Thousand

A former professional football player named Terrell Owens has a net worth of $500,000.

From 1996 through 2010, Terrell Owens was an NFL player. In 2012, he returned for a brief time. Between his pay and endorsements, Terrell made $80 million during his career.

L.C. Russell and Marilyn Heard welcomed Terrell Eldorado Owens into the world on December 7, 1973 in Alexander City, Alabama.

The San Francisco 49ers selected Owens in the 1996 draught. He faced the New Orleans Saints in his first professional contest.

Terrell made just under $67 million in pay throughout his NFL career. With an additional $13 million from endorsements

his lifetime earnings totaled $80 million. Sadly, since leaving the NFL, he has experienced financial difficulties.

During his NFL career, Terrell Owens earned around $80 million in salary and endorsements

Barry said that his $7 million in tax-exempt municipal bonds provide him with the majority of his income.

Additionally, he disclosed that he has over $750,000 invested in stocks, primarily in different banks.

The Lions and Barry agreed to a 5-year, $9.5 million deal.

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