WNBA star Brittney Griner is seen at court, but Russia extends her detention again

On Monday, Brittney Griner made a brief public appearance and took a step closer to going on trial in Russia for drug-related charges

According to Griner's defence team, a judge ordered her to remain in custody throughout the duration of her trial in a brief court procedure.

No trial date was established on Monday, according to Griner's attorney,

, Alexander Boikov, but he believes formal hearings "should start in a week or two."

Preliminary court proceedings were closed to the public when the news broke,

but journalists did catch a rare sight of Griner as the WNBA centre passed down a courthouse hallway.

For much more money than her WNBA pay, Griner, like many other WNBA players, competes in foreign leagues during the off-season of the American league

. She has recently been a member of the Russian squad UMMC Ekaterinburg, which is run by oligarch Iskander Makhmudov.